Tips For DIY Props For Your Wedding Photobooths Phoenix

By Eric Hayes

As a couple celebrate their special day, it is important for their guests to also have loads of fun. Wedding photobooths Phoenix provide a very fun break from the dance floor. It is a great way to break the ice. For people to be goofy and laugh the day away. To make it a lot more fun and special for the guests too. Create memories. What more can anyone ask for a party or a big day?

Now one can decide to go the traditional route with this. Just get the usual kind. Install it and have the guests go at it. As long as it is well placed and a good size. All will be well. However, one can decide to either cut costs or be unique and make their own props. It really does not take much.

A simple option would be to do away with the contraption all together and just hang the props from a tree. This is wonderful if there is no space. Or if the couple wants to cut on cost. Guests can either take pictures of each other or have the one of the hired crew to do it. Stand up boards have been around forever but they never run out of style. These are so fun and will fit into the deco easily.

A polaroid frame can never go out of style. There is something about it that is passively elegant. It is a simple white frame. Kind of looks like the outline of a polaroid picture. The guests will customize the frame with messages at the bottom. One may also make up speech bubbles. Nothing fancy just blank cutouts that the guests can write on and then take pictures with.

Chalkboards are a little off the beaten paths. However, imagine a clean board. With the names and date calligraphed on. It would provide such a nice backdrop for pictures. Guests could even write on the board. Leave their good wishes on there. An IPad would also work pretty well. Prop it up on a tripod. Provide props. Move it if there is a need to change the backdrop.

There could be limitations that restrict this kind of installation. In this case, one can make a sort of digital one. This is by creating a hashtag. See, people will post their own pictures at the event on social media and include the hashtag. Then one can have the pictures run on a slide show of sorts. This would create a sort of pool for the pictures.

If the budget allows, this is a wonderful element to add to the ceremony. There will be more unencumbered and candid pictures of the guests. It will better capture the general mood of the day. The pictures can also be favors to the guests.

One of the most important things is to make sure that this installation is visible. It should not get in the way of say, the buffet table. It should not be close to the exit either. It should appear to be part of the deco. Do not have some crazy color that clashes with the theme.

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