Tips For Choosing Suitable Ragdoll Kittens For Sale In TN

By Martha Wright

It is always a difficult task whenever you are faced with the responsibility of choosing the right client in the market. This is because many sellers will claim to be genuine when in the real sense, they are only interested in making a profit from you. Thus, the following are positive indicators of suitable ragdoll kittens for sale in TN.

Make inquiries to know whether or not the pet is full bred. You will have to ask the dealer if the breed they are selling is pure. This is crucial because some strains are mixed to obtain specifically required characteristics such as a new pattern or a different color. You can only confirm whether a cat is pure by ensuring that no crossbreeding has been done to its parents dating back to three generations.

Check pet prices from different clients in the market. You can do this while making comparisons among different breeders. You should then decide on which seller you are going to work with. For example, you should settle for the person offering you affordable prices than the rest. This will protect you from being overcharged.

You will be required to draw a provisional financial budget that will show estimates of how much you will be spending for the whole process. A budget is not only essential in guiding you on your expenditure alone but also it ensures that you do not overspend through overcharging. A price that is exceptionally very low should alert you that something is not right.

Ensure kittens are older than twelve weeks. At this stage, the kitten is well trained. It is within this period that breeder can teach the animal on how to socialize with humans and other domestic pets. You can always tell if the animal is matured enough to acquire by checking the availability of a shot. Avoid clients who are willing to sell you underage animals.

Check the health records of the kits. This way you will be able to identify the possible occurrence of defects in the future by checking if any of the parents from the animal's lineage suffered any genetic deficiency. You are supposed to check if the kits are infected by any diseases or infested with parasites such as fleas.

Some diseases and disabilities are likely to show up in a cat even when it is older than one year. This makes it necessary to be provided with a health guarantee on how you will be compensated should the unexpected happen within the agreed period. Genuine dealers are most likely to give you a contract and an outline of the procedure of compensations.

You need to visit the cattery without informing them so that you can be able to identify real conditions through which the pets are brought up in. It is through these visits that you will be able to determine hygienic practices in place. You can also understand the behavior of kits when they are close to human beings, feeding habits and accommodation segregation.

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