How To Pick A Puppy Labradoodle Chicago

By Elizabeth Smith

Selecting Labradoodles requires a fair assessment of the breeder, the personality of the puppies and whether your puppy will complement your lifestyle. When choosing a puppy, most families will select the liveliest puppies that jump and run and simply want to play, but these alpha personalities can be too much for most families to manage. With the choice of a healthy and well bred Labradoodle Chicago pet owners can find the best pets.

Labradoodles are naturally energetic, friendly and have beautiful coats that are easy to manage and considered low shedding. These dogs are intelligent and have been selected as both family pets and as certified service dogs. With a larger size and an unusual appearance, it is important to determine whether Labradoodles are the right breed for you and whether you can provide for their needs.

The first step to selecting the right puppy is to to choose the appropriate breeder who is vested in producing healthy litters representative of the breed. An outstanding breeder will know how to identify the more dominant and active pups over the shy or reserved ones. He or she will determine healthy pups to suit your lifestyle and advise on the different characters in the litter most suitable for your needs.

Choosing a breeder you can depend on will prevent against the purchase of ailing or poorly bred puppies where temperaments and personalities are difficult to discern. Labradoodles must meet with the appropriate breed standard including the correct genetic percentages for each breed. Labradoodles are not pure bred but every breeder should produce health certification and advise on personalities ideal for your home and your activity levels.

If you are interested in coat type more than personality, then point this out to your breeder and discuss the options with them. Labradoodles have a tight curly coat or wavy fur with a fleece feel and minimal shed making these canines the simplest to groom and maintain. Choosing looks over personality means that you need to be prepared for any type of temperament from overly active to reserved and calm.

Families who enjoy an active lifestyle including outdoor adventures should select pets with a similar outgoing personality that would do well in energetic homes. Bold and alpha personalities can benefit from regular training and an assertive leader to prevent a lack of control. If you are a gentle leader, it is important that you discuss this with a breeder and find a puppy that will best fit with your personality.

Labradoodles are healthy and energetic dogs that must be considered when you are selecting a pup from the litter. When purchasing puppies based on the pictures sent by your breeder, ensure it is the most recent, discuss the different personalities and ensure the parents are included. Taking the appropriate steps, you can find Labradoodle breeders who are reliable and provide the healthiest pups.

Once you have found the best bred Labradoodle, you can consult with the breeder to learn of the different personalities in the litter. Puppies with different temperaments and personalities will suit particular families and their overall interests or activity. With research and awareness into the appropriate sellers of Labradoodles, you can find the healthiest pets.

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