Custom Wood Furniture Buying Guide

By Angela Patterson

Up until today, one of the most selected furniture type is wood, so you should not that surprised to see many of these sold today in a lot of stores all over the world. The thought of having a great selection of choices for this might be good for you. However, it has a downside, narrowing down your list of which could be good for your custom wood furniture Chicago will be hard.

When you are trying to look for furniture that will perfectly fit your home and is having a hard time, why not consider having it custom made. With this, you are sure that the furniture will fit greatly into your home. However, customized ones are a bit pricier than the already made ones. Below is your guide on how will you be able to pick the right one.

The simplest ways to determine the wood that is used for furniture is hardness. Hardwood is not denser and harder compared to softwood. If you check its botanical term, hardwood are from flowering trees while the softwood are from conifers. These two are used in almost everything, starting from building structures up to using these for decorative purposes.

You cannot just go the manufacturer and describe the wood you want to use, specially when you already have one in mind it is just that you forgot its name. The manufacturer will have a hard time guessing what you want. Here are some of the most popular wood that is used in making furniture below.

Ash. On the market today, ash is among the lightest ones. Comes from the hardwood family, its grain is smooth, is flexible, and commonly used when making curve items like a chair. Still from the group of hardwood, maple is light and is popular due for being very heavy and durability. Since this can resist moisture, many manufacturers can just paint it with any colors they like.

Softwood, also called nonporous because of its absent vessels. From the group of gymnosperms, the evergreen trees. Pine, cedar, spruce, and yew is some of its example. Evergreen are less dense compared to deciduous, which makes cutting them easy. Consists of rays and tracheids. Has poor fire resistance. Its lightweight and fine structure is the reason why making this into furniture is ideal.

Oak. In the line of popular hardwoods, an oak is at the top. The reason for that is its heaviness and hardness. Oak have many colors, white with grey or light brown shading and red with some red tint all over. Walnut. Walnut is a bit on the darker side and has various shades of brown. The most used color is chocolate. They are hard but not heavy.

Mahogany. Mahogany are perfect for those of you who in need of a wood in darker colors, you will see this in medium and reddish brown. Putting ornate details can only be done with good textured wood and that is the cast for this so deciding to crave as well as stain them is not a problem. Acacia. Acacia provides a rich feeling, is warm, water resistant, and scratch resistant. Putting them in your homes can make the place elegant.

Birch. Birch tress are found all over the Northern Hemisphere. This is much harder than oakwood. The Birch plywood is what is used by many as such is stable, hard, readily available, and affordable. Light reddish brown in color. When you want to paint them, that would not be a problem since it can take all kinds of finishes.

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