Tips For Maintaining Gas Fireplaces Fort Worth

By Margaret Brooks

A gas fireplace is appealing since it does not cause a mess like a wood-burning fireplace does. It is also comfortable and convenient to use. A gas fireplace burns natural gas or propane rather than wood. It is also energy efficient and easy to maintain. Using this appliance is also easy. You only need to flip a switch or push a button to turn it on and off. However, if it is not well-maintained, dirt and dust can accumulate and clog the ports.

Without proper maintenance, dirt and dust can build up in a fireplace and end up clogging the ports. The general tear and wear of connected wires is inevitable. Gaskets can also wear out, allowing carbon monoxide to leak into your house. This will pose a danger to you and your loved ones. To benefit the most from their gas fireplaces Fort Worth residents should maintain them well.

One of the things that homeowners should do to maintain their gas fireplace is to clean the glass. Most gas fireplace doors are removable to allow for easy cleaning. Homeowners should follow the instructions in the manual when removing the doors. They should then wipe the appliance gently and firmly using a soft cloth and a window cleaner. They can remove obstinate soot spots using a ceramic cook-top cleaner or a fireplace cleaner and rinse away the residue using another wet clean cloth. Once they have done this, they can use paper towels or newsprint to dry the glass to avoid streaking. They should then put the door back.

You also need to clean the inner side of the fireplace. To do this, gently vacuum dust and debris from the center of the fireplace. The other vital part to clean is the gas log. This part is fragile and it is therefore recommendable to use a soft brush to get rid of spider webs, dust and any other unwanted substances from the logs.

The glow of logs may reduce after one year or so. You may either replace the logs or ask a technician to check them and advise you on the most appropriate time to replace them. In general, logs last for longer periods as long as they do not get broken. Make sure that you use the right logs for your fireplace and check if they fit perfectly.

It is also essential to ensure that the hardware of the fireplace is intact and the glass fits. All the screws should be fastened properly and aligned with the frame so that carbon monoxide will not leak into the home. If the gas fireplace is vented, property owners should inspect the outdoor vent and eliminate debris. If the vent is damaged, they should repair it promptly.

It is important to have your gas fireplace inspected. You should consider hiring a professional technician to examine both your chimney and fireplace yearly to know if there is any problem. Yearly inspections can also keep your family free from danger and help minimize repair bills.

Maintenance is one aspect of owning a gas fireplace. Poor maintenance can cause serious issues like soot building up in the unit, suspicious odor, etching on the glass covering, and failure to ignite. It is also advisable to service your gas fireplace each year so that it will work efficiently.

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