Taking Good Care Of Fireplaces Dallas

By Debra Mitchell

During the wintertime, people often use more electricity and gas to heat their homes. This extra utility use can put a strain on their budgets. They may find their bills higher than what they normally would otherwise be able to afford. When you have a fireplace in your home, you may want to use it more often during cold weather to keep your bills lower. It can offer an alternative source of heat that may lessen the amount of gas and electricity you use. By taking steps for the proper maintenance and repair of fireplaces Dallas locals like you could burn more efficient fires that make your house warmer.

Many utility experts recommend that homeowners who have such fixtures in their homes perform seasonal maintenance on them. This type of maintenance can begin just as soon as winter officially comes to an end. It also can involve simple measures like scooping out the ashes from the hearth and vacuuming or sweeping out the area to ensure clean burning fires next winter.

As you burn paper or wood, ashes build up in the bottom of your hearth. The ashes over time can pose a hazard because they can prevent the fire from burning cleanly. They also can disintegrate into gases that can make their way into your home and cause illnesses that are not much different than carbon monoxide poisoning. You can get rid of them easily by using a small shovel and emptying them into a bucket.

Another simple trick involves cleaning off the decorative glasses that span the hearth. The glass doors are a safety measure designed to prevent fires from crossing the hearth into the home. However, the smoke and ash have a way of turning the glass dark and making it cloudy and dirty. Cleaning them can be as simple as using a wet wash cloth to remove debris.

Another seasonal tip involves checking the flue and chimney stack for residue and debris. Sometimes birds, squirrels, and other animals will build nests in the chimney. The fires you burn could catch the nests ablaze and cause flames and smoke to shoot out onto the roof. Removing the nests prevents this danger.

Rather than get up on the roof yourself, you could instead hire a chimney sweep to do this work for you. Chimney sweeps have tools like ladders and long brooms that let them sweep the inside of the stack. They can remove debris from this fixture and help your fireplace burn safer and more effectively during the wintertime.

They can get up on the roof and look down the chimney to see what debris might be inside. They also can remove nests and other items like leaves or branches that might be in there. They will look for damages like cracks and holes that might be in the roof or chimney and then use materials like caulk to fill them up.

These practical measures can protect fireplaces in homes. They allow these fixtures to be used safely during the winter. Homeowners can enjoy an alternative source of heat that keeps their utility bills low. Rather than do the work yourself, you might hire chimney sweeps to do it for you. These contractors are trained specifically to maintain and repair chimneys and hearths.

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