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By Jennifer Sanders

There are many important considerations to keep in mind when choosing a breed of the proverbial Mans Best Friend. After all, each kind has its own needs, lifestyle, behavior, and some such. But let us just do away with the stage setting and say that you have already decided and are looking for a boston terrier for sale in Texas.

We can last all day long enumerating the many sterling qualities of this breed, which has been dubbed as the American Gentleman. This moniker is due to its uniquely colored coat, which can be variations of black, seal, or else brindle, with white markings at designated places. It is easy recognizable due to its compact body, square head, erect ears, and short tail.

Anyway, the Boston Terrier has its provenance in the United States. This non sporting breed has unique colors and markings that are either black, seal, or brindle and with white markings. This tuxedo like combination has earned it its above nickname, the American Gentleman.

Owing to the particularities of this breed, they should not be left out in extreme temperatures, even for a short while. It is their characteristic to not handle heat well due to their short snouts, which is not as effective in cooling down the air going down into their lungs. That makes them susceptible to heat stress. And of course, their short coat makes them unable to stand cold weather well.

That said, your terrier can be particularly hyperactive and high spirited, or it could be dignified and calm. Some individuals are sweet and timid, and the others may be a combination of good and quite undesirable characteristics. For instance, a dog can be stubborn while also being gentle and affectionate. Really, though, you never know what you are getting.

As per the canine authorities, the Boston Terrier is said to be the twenty first most popular breed in recent surveys. That says much about their penchant for companionableness and how they very effectively glean their owners loyalty and affection in a tit for tat. These gentle dogs have truly ascended the echelons of human companionship and have come to be the pooch of preference for many of the dog loving denizens.

Anyway, going down on the physicality, it should be well noted that Boston terriers are essentially compactly built and well proportioned. Its head is virtually square looking, and its neck slightly arched. The muzzle is short, just like the similar looking bulldog, but unlike it, the muzzle is generally wrinkle free. The chest of this mutt is quite broad.

These terriers are popular choices as pets due to their cute and physically endearing features. Their eyes are large and expressive, that which raise the sentiment of dog parenting in just about anyone. Their coat is sleek and shiny. Its short trim also means that it is easy to care for, and they do not shed overly. They are extremely active and playful, but that also means that they have high energy needs, so make sure that you are a pretty active person yourself.

All the information should come in handy when you are sourcing a pure Boston Terrier, since some which breeders assert to be so do not really come up to international standards. Of course, that should not impinge on the dog itself, but let us just say that you would like to get your moneys worth. Even when that is not the case, and even when your dog does not qualify as Show quality, keep in mind that he still has the trappings of a true mans best friend.

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