What You Need To Know About The Assisted Living Grant County WI Offers

By Roger McDonald

Not all seniors have the luxury of great health as they grow older. As much as they may want to stay in the family home, it can get too much for them to take care of. When this happens, loved ones, along with the senior, have important decisions to make. If you are in this situation and looking at the assisted living Grant County WI medical professionals have recommended, there are many things to look for and ask of the management team before you make a commitment.

It's best to start your search with general questions. If you hear an answer that makes you uncomfortable, you should eliminate that facility from your list. The first question needs to be about licensing.

Next you want to ask about the staff and what certifications and experience they have. You need to know what kind of medical professionals are on staff and if they are on site or on call twenty-four hours a day. You can ask about procedures for handling emergencies and security breaches.

The way employees handle the residents' medications, and how records are kept is very important. You also want to ask how medicines are stored and secured. You should know if self-medication is permissible. You want to know how doctor visits are coordinated. You should also ask if there is a pharmacy on the premises.

If you are satisfied with the answers you get, you can go on to the financial aspect of moving your loved one into the facility. You need to know what services a basic contract includes and what the costs are to increase the services if your loved one's needs change. The representative should be very familiar with the government and private programs available to assist with financing.

Along the same lines, you will need to discuss how billing and monthly payments are handled. If your senior plans to handle the payments herself, you need to know if a member of the staff will be available to assist her if necessary, or if that is something you will have to do yourself.

Once you've addressed the financial matters, you can go on to learn more about the services offered. Most facilities will accommodate the needs of the individual residents. They assist with medicines and other medically related services and give emergency care around the clock. In addition the majority of them have laundry and housekeeping services, a dining room where residents can get hot meals, and personal care. If your senior is active, you could ask about special events and group excursions residents can participate in.

In addition to meeting with the staff, you should take a careful look around. You and the senior will most likely be invited to take a tour of the facility in order to see all the available amenities. You want to be looking for elevators, non-skid floors, good lighting, and easily navigated common areas. It is imperative that the facility be free of odors and spotlessly clean.

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