Making Homemade Bubble Wands With Your Family

By Daniel Ellis

Most likely we all remember the childhood games in the garden with our friends during sunny days, among which making and chasing bubbles. It is an activity that the entire family enjoys. If you miss doing that you can prepare yourself for a new round of fun by creating some bubble wands at home.

You can create them in a few different ways, and you can try making them all at a summer party in the garden, with the kids. Either big ones or small ones that can be held in hand, each of them can be unique and colorful.

One type involves getting some colored wire and shape it into a circle. The diameter differs based on how much you want it to be, how long is the wire and how big the jar with the bubble mix. Twist one end of the wire to close the circle and keep the other end straight, as that would be the handle.

For a bit of extra color and creativity, get all sorts of beads, for example, different shapes, colors, letters, and let the kids string them on the handle. Twist off the end of the wire to secure them and it is now ready to be dipped in the soap mixture.

One other way of creating these wands would be to use pipe cleaners, which you can find at many craft stores in many colors. Start by bending them to form a circle or various shapes, like hearts, triangles or flowers. Make sure to secure it tightly so it will not get loose.

Now that the wands are ready, let's create the soap mixture. For that you will need a cup of water, just a bit warm, 2 tablespoons of soap, dish or detergent, and 1 tablespoon of glycerin. Now you have to mix them all carefully and double the ingredients as needed. Choose a jar big enough for what you need and put the mix in it for everyone to use it. If convenient, choose a bigger one for all to use or a smaller one for each person.

If you want to try something new you can make the a giant bubble wand, and there are also two ways to do it. First one would be using 2 sticks and around 2 meters of string, along with some decorating items of your choice. The second option would be with 2 straws and string, which would result in a medium wand. Just put the string though the straw and form a square, straws being parallel.

If you plan to use the sticks to do this, you will create a smaller or bigger one, depending on the stick length. Get the string and cut it in half, then tie the ends to each of the sticks. Form an egg-shape hole and this will be used to form the bubbles. It is easy to make and to personalize and it is a fun activity for the whole family.

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