How To Approach Dog Training Santa Clarita Valley

By Marie Graham

Every dogs needs to be properly trained. This goes without saying. A dog that is not trained can cause havoc within the family. Owners find that he wants to take over their home. He will jump on the sofa and on the guests. He will run in from the garden with muddy paws and not be properly house trained. This is why people realize dog training Santa Clarita Valley is essential.

Unfortunately, it is the dog that always gets blamed for this type of behaviour. However, it is actually the owner who needs to step up to their actions. Many dogs who have not been trained properly, have been known to become aggressive and even attack children and other dogs. This is why it is essential to train your dog.

There are times, when you need to reward them with lots of praise and treats. When they have not behaved well, you need to let them know. However, there are certain ways of disciplining a dog. One should never hit or shout at a dog. A dog will know that it has not been doing the right thing by the tone of your voice. You need to raise your voice and you should be more assertive.

It is the owner who is going to be with the dog most of the time. They will take him on walks and they will be at home with him when visitors come. They will need to listen to the person who is training him with specific commands. They will listen to the owner before anyone else.

He may be running away due to a case of panic or anxiety. By calling him, he will respond to the voice of his owner. Sometimes, there will be times where he has to stay in a certain spot. It may be while crossing a busy road. Once the dog is coming to you and he is sitting, it is important that you repeat this and that you give him plenty of treats.

Basic commands are essential when training your dog. However, there are some that are more important than others. For example, you need your dog to listen to you when you call him by saying come or come here. When he doesn't know what this means it can be dangerous. He could be running away or in a potential fight and he needs to obey you.

There are some behaviour issues that can happen at specific time of a dog's life after a change. But they may develop at any time as well. Sometimes, they will develop after you have been given a new dog or when you adopt a new dog. They may start digging in the yard. Some dogs will tear the house apart every time you leave.

It is obviously best to teach the dog early on. However, there are times when you adopt and older dog or you bring him into the home and you have to retrain him. It is possible to train an older dog. If there are behavioural problems, it can take more time to get over an obstacle like this. However, there are good behaviourists who can help with this as well.

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