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By Maria Collins

Many homeowners take home improvement and decorations seriously because it is a very important process. There are several methods and furnishings that one can employ to get very good results with their projects in decoration. Installing quartz countertops is one of the best ways of remodeling a kitchen and making it more beautiful and more valuable. When in search of Countertops Fort Worth should be given priority.

Many homeowners can now easily afford quartz as the price of this material has been dropping in the course of time as years go by. To add on this, its popularity has grown with time and most homes have installed them. Mostly, it is installed in kitchens but it also works in public places like swimming pools, restaurants, and bars.

This mineral occurs naturally in the crust of the earth. It is composed of two major components, that is, oxygen and silicon. The crust of the earth contains this mineral in very large amounts. It is classified as the second most abundant mineral in the crust. It also exists in several different varieties. Some varieties are classified as semi-precious gemstones. An example of a semi-precious gemstone is Amethyst.

It is necessary for purchasers to understand the quartz that they utilize in their residences is not natural. The products rather result from careful engineering which comprises of combining several other natural or synthetic materials with natural quartz. The end product usually has 90 percent of ground quartz and between 8 and 10 percent of resins, pigments, and polymers.

The final appearance of the product is greatly dependent on how the mineral was ground prior to being made into the product. A flecked appearance should be expected if the mineral was crushed and ground to a very course finish. On the other hand, a product with the appearance of a high level of consistency should be expected if the grounding of the mineral achieved a smooth finish.

The surface of the material is usually non-porous, which eliminates the need for serious sealing during installation. The lack of porousness means that the product cannot absorb water to cause staining like it happens with granite. If unsealed granite countertops are subjected to water, they take up the moisture and develop a stain. That is why they need regular maintenance to ensure that they are properly sealed and in good condition.

Quartz is highly resistant to scratch. This means that their surfaces cannot get scratched through the usual kitchen activities. The source of this characteristic is the hardness quartz. On the contrary, this commodity is not resistant to heat that much. The countertop usually discolors when it is subjected to extremely high temperatures.

Interestingly, natural quartz itself is quite heat-resistant. Unfortunately, the additives like polymer and resin which are used in manufacturing it are not resistant to high heat. In light of this, it is these additives which discolor upon exposure to high temperatures. Its ability of not developing stains is what makes it highly maintenance-free.

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