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By Lisa Gray

An awning is described as a supplemental roof cover that is put on windows or doors by people on their homes or businesses. They can be stationary so that they can stay in one place permanently after installation. They can alternatively be designed with a retractable design. This means that the awnings are set and retracted based on user needs. When one needs Awnings Asheville NC offers the perfect location to visit.

Awnings are meant to serve as outdoor roofs because they provide extra outdoor space for people to conduct various activities in. Another name used to refer to an awning is overhang. The very first overhangs appeared in the 1800s. Several changes and modifications have been done to these products to make them what they are today. By the 1950s, they were made of aluminum metal.

Awnings are basically still made in a similar manner as they were over a century ago. They feature fixed frames and lateral arms. Awnings designed with fixed frames are always constructed by use of aluminum pipes or galvanized steel or zinc-coated pipes. Clamps, clips, or other hardware are used for attaching the frame to the facades.

Awnings provide shade below the area they are installed because they are basically supplementary roofs. This shade can find use in many different functions. These functions range from offering additional space for eating in restaurants to providing space for relaxing at home. Nowadays, restaurants are used to using awnings to expand their floor area. This method of attaining additional space is much cheaper in comparison to constructing walls.

The extra space can be used for dining and relaxing at home. Dogs and small child find this space very useful for playing away from the hot sun. The hot sun of the afternoon can be very uncomfortable to walk, play, or sit in. In fact, UV light that is emitted by the sun has been found to be a major cause of skin cancer among people with light skin.

The shade provided by overhangs also gives protection to upholstery and furniture in buildings. The UV light from the sun has enough power to fade a variety of materials like wood, plastic, ceramic and composite. This depreciates their value and makes them lose their beauty. The shade provided by overhangs prevents the UV light from penetrating into the interior space.

Heating and cooling costs can be reduced using overhangs. During the summer, this is achieved by blocking direct sunlight from entering into the building. Hence the heat gain attained through windows and doors is significantly reduced. According to studies, heat gain may be lowered by up to 77 percent.

As a result of the reduction in heat gain, air conditioners are made more efficient. The usage of electricity can be lowered by 25 percent. The number of people installing awnings these days is increasing because of the advantages these products give to people. Overhangs can be put up during summer and then removed during winter.

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