Useful And Essential Facts About Egyptian Mau For Sale

By Pamela Baker

Cats are usually rated as the second most popular pets after dogs. That means that the number of cats that are kept as pets is only second to that of dogs. To meet the high demand of pet cats, there are very many breeders that breed and sell these animals. Also, there is a huge number of different breeds of cats and the Egyptian Mau is one of them. Here are facts regarding Egyptian mau for sale.

The mau is classified among the oldest cat breeds in existence. This cat has its origin in the Egyptian civilization. Mjw is the Egyptian name which when translated to English means a cat. The term is the origin of the name of the cat. Pharaonic palaces and temples contain depictions of spotted felines, something that makes the cat to be believed to have its origin in Egypt

There may be a close resemblance between the depicted cats and the mau, but what is not clear is whether the two are the same. The assumption that these depiction represent the mau make most people believe their origin to be Egypt. This theory receives support from the fact that there is currently no evidence strong enough to support a contrary theory.

There is also the possibility that their origin may be in Europe. According to DNA tests, it is believed that the feline may have originated from somewhere in Europe. There are also great similarities between the Maus and European cats such as the Turkish Angora whose breeding was done in the United States. On the other hand, modern day Egypt has many spotted cats thus supporting the idea that the Mau may actually have come from Egypt.

The popularity of the maus was pretty high before the Second World War. There were many cat lovers at that period who bred them in large numbers. There were also a variety of shows that showcased them in Europe. The attention that was given to these cats went down greatly just after the Second World War began. As a matter of fact, very less attention was given to them that it reached a point that they were almost becoming extinct.

Luckily, in the 1950s, Natalie Trubetskaya saved the breed when she started to import the breed from the Middle East and bred them. Natalie was living in Italy at the time. When Natalie later migrated to the state of New York in the US, she brought with her three Maus. The three cats would alter be used to start an entire cattery of Egyptian Maus.

The three cats that Natalie tagged along with in the 1950s to the US are the ancestors of the large number of maus currently in the US. Importation of more maus occurred later. Other species were then produced from the crossbreeding of other breeds and the maus. In 2014, the popularity of the maus had grown greatly thereby allowing it to be categorized as among the most popular breeds at number 20.

One of the most interesting facts about this cat is that it is the only naturally spotted breed of cats. All other spotted cats trace their origin to this species. That gives it a unique status in the world of cats. They have large eyes and a small head and paws. The body is muscled and slender. They are the fastest domestic cats in the world too.

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