Telling Signs That You Should Seek Termite Control Marietta

By Virginia Green

Termites love cellulose and unfortunately, this is a substance found in most residential and commercial buildings. Both subterranean termites and their dry wood counterparts can cause extensive damage to your property within a few months. For you to prevent the pests from causing irreparable damages, you must know about the warning signs of an infestation. When searching for dependable termite control Marietta is an ideal place to begin research for highly regarded experts.

There are certain warning signs that would indicate a need to immediately seek professional assistance. You must get well acquainted with these signs for you to know when an eradication project is long overdue. Bear in mind that the sooner you can get help, the easier it will be for you to prevent a structural collapse or the need for you to invest in expensive repairs.

One of the warning signs of an infestation is mud tubes. Termites use soil and dirt to create tunnels or mud tubes that allow them to travel safely when searching for food. These tunnels also provide shelter for the pests and protect them from other predators. You should look for mud tubes on your ceiling, stairwell base and even on tree trunks.

Just like most creatures, mature termites have to leave their nests and set out to build other colonies. Before they can leave the nest, they drop their wings and this means that you may find piles of discarded wings on different areas of your home. Check for wings on spider webs, window sills and other foundation surfaces.

The excrement of termites goes by the name frass. Depending on the type of ant that has invaded your home, you may see frass in the form of tiny pellets or in the form of something that resembles sawdust. Irrespective of the kind of frass you notice, it will be crystal clear that the need to seek termite control should not postponed.

Termites love feeding on wood. You hence have reason to raise an eyebrow if you notice that the wooden planks of your home are hollow and they also have cracks or holes. Any time the wood sounds increasingly weak, it could be that you are battling with an infestation. Be on the lookout for creaking or sagging floors or even wood or laminate flooring that is buckling. Another sign you should beware of is honeycomb patterns on wooden surfaces.

You may not hear any sounds if a termite infestation is minor. You may, however, hear a clearly audible noise beneath or behind your walls if you have a serious issue. Usually, the noise is produced when the workers of a specific colony tap their mouths and heads on wooden surfaces to communicate with other colony members.

It is challenging to effectively treat an invasion. The need to work with qualified local experts who enjoy an admirable reputation must therefore not be taken for granted. Also make certain that your professionals of choice have been in the industry for a considerable while and can stand behind the services they offer for a reasonable period.

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