Keys To A Successful Puppy Potty Training Class

By Lisa Clark

A lot of homeowners are busy, and once they leave home in the morning, they return home late and tired. If you are among these people, the last thing you want is to return home and find that your pet has messed the home. You can get frustrated with having the pet in the first place. However, with the right toilet training, your pup will not soil your home again. Below are the keys to a successful puppy potty training class.

The first step when starting this process of training is to train the dog to respect and trust members of the family. This is the first step towards having a strong relationship. After this, only limit the pup to the areas you want it to access. If you bought the pooch for security purposes, it is vital to keep the bedrooms off limit and allow it to access the compound. If the pup was meant to be a companion, then you can allow it access to most parts of the house.

The next important thing to do is understand the particular breed you have purchased. Breeds are different and each of them has varying behaviors and needs. Those with small bladders will need to urinate often than those with large ones. Others are first at learning commands but others take time. With the knowledge of these behaviors, training will get to be easy since you will be willing to understand various clues they use to show they want to go outside.

The next key thing is to select a potty zone in your yard. Whenever you find the pooch trying to urinate anywhere else apart from these zones, you should interrupt by making a certain noise. Otherwise, if you see certain signs of needing to relieve itself, take the pup outside to the area that you have set aside. Ensure that the place is easy to clean and close to the house. After some time, the dog will know the smell of urine coming from the spot and know it is its bathroom.

The other step is looking for sounds that you will use to signal the dog to go to the spot and when to do so. Pups are not very different from humans since they recognize sounds and command words if they are used often. Be careful with the words or sounds to use to prevent confusing the pup.

Urine contains ammonia and it is the reason where dogs are able to know their potty areas. If you want it to frequent the zone, you can spray the coaching pads with ammonia to attract them. However, in the case that accidents occur and the puppy urinates or defecates in the house, if you do not clean the place well, the dog will always be attracted to the spot.

Another key thing is keeping the puppy close. Limit the area the dog can explore in the house. When it is close, it will be easy to notice when it needs to go outside and help it. Although the area should be limited, it should be enough for the pup to play. The room should make it easy for the pooch to access outside.

Lastly, when you start the coaching, make sure you do the same thing until the end. If you used a specific door the first time when taking the pooch out, make sure you constantly use it. The potty zone should also not change in addition to commands used. Close observation will make it easy even to come up with a schedule for the puppy.

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