How To Identify Non Toxic Baby Laundry Detergent

By Mary Bell

Parents and guardians are solely responsible for the safety of their children. While they must protect the children physically, they should also ensure that they are not exposed to toxins in cloths and the environment they interact with. Part of this protection includes buying non toxic baby laundry detergent and any other substance that will come into contact with the cloths of their children. How do you recognize these products in the market?

Exercise patience in the search for the right products. These products do not announce themselves on the shelves. Even companies will conceal as much as possible in their marketing jargon. Test different products and observe their reactions on the skin or body of your child. This means buying in small portions and acting at the most minimal level. Eventually, you will find a product that works for you.

Sticking to children washing products will not help. Research indicates that there is no tangible difference between products designed for children and those for adults. Manufacturers only use marketing tactics to give them fancy names and packages. In fact, adults have more natural products than children. You need to cross over and also test ordinary products apart from what is meant for children.

Go beyond the marketing language into the details of these products. There are sweet words used on products including Natural, For Sensitive Skin, Organic as well as Free and Clean, among such nice sounding words. Ignore them and focus on ingredients used in manufacture. The product might have a fancy name yet the ingredients are harmful. Unfortunately, regulators have no way of checking these names and defining them. You will be at the mercy of marketers.

Get your products from reputable companies that disclose the ingredients used. This calls for understanding of the effects of different ingredients on children. Reputable companies will indicate the ingredients on products and provide warnings of reactions. Health authorities have also approved particular ingredients and not others. Companies cleverly conceal these harmful ingredients using fancy names. Beware of such tricks and take the right steps.

There are additives and ingredients to avoid when buying detergents. They include optical brighteners that are claimed to make cloths appear whiter and brighter. This process involves masking of stains and yellowing. The chemicals used in the process could react negatively with your skin. Synthetic fragrances are also to be avoided. The fragrances carry with them hormone disruptors, allergens and neurotoxins, among other harmful components. Chlorine bleach and synthetic preservatives are also to be avoided.

There are properties associated with good detergents and baby washing products. They must be free of toxins and any harmful ingredients mentioned. You need a detergent that is tough on stains considering the attractiveness of children to dirt. Beyond being safe for you on your nappies, they should be environmentally friendly.

There is no reason for non toxic products to be expensive. Look for alternatives beyond what you consider to be the normal range of products you can use. Learn about toxins and how to identify them when they are disguised. Since each child is unique, know what works for him or her and what will not work. In case of a negative reaction, you should visit a health specialist.

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