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By Gary Wallace

Mohair is defined as a very special type of fiber which comes from Angora goat. These goats are believed to have originated from the Asian Himalayas before they landed in Turkey on the plains of Anatalia. There, the goat went through important evolution and then it was named after Ankara city, currently known as Ankara. The term mohair was derived from an Arabic word Mukhayyar. Here are facts regarding Mohair locks.

The goats were jealously protected in Turkey from exportation until the 16th century when they first reached Spain and France. Its introduction in the US took place in 1849. At this time, only seven does and two bucks were exported to the US. Through proper care, breed selection, and other better methods of care, the US has become among the largest producers of this fiber in the world.

The US is the largest producer of the fiber in the world after South Africa. In the US, the state of Texas is the major producer, with some 200, 000 herds of Angora goats. Texas accounts for about 90 percent of all production in the US, with Edwards Plateau being the major production area. This area has a mild dry climate and a terrain that is hilly and bushy. These two factors are very suitable for good performance of the Angora goat.

Studies in animal husbandry have been done over the years thus allowing these goats to be raised in various states in the United States. The phrases noble fiber and diamond fiber are normally used commonly to refer to the fiber which Angora goats do produce. This is due to its exclusive qualities that include lustre, durability, resilience, and color reflection among others. The annual production in the United States is more than two million pounds.

Usually, the Angora goat is shorn twice a year. These two functions are usually placed six months apart. For one to improve product quality and achieve perfection, they have to use consistently high breeding standards and meticulous genetic selection. Mohair is a resource that is renewable and its production can be sustained.

Luxurious mohair is typically used in the cold months of winter and fall because it has a high level of heat retention and insulation. Thus, it is able to keep people warm throughout. However, the production process is being redefined and revolutionized so that finer gauges of the yarn can be produced for wearing in summer and spring. Summer and spring cloths need to be very light to prevent excessive heating.

To make the mohair fabrics comfortable and lighter, the fiber has to be blended with some other forms of fabrics like silk. Since fiber is a bit rough, it can be smoothened and made more comfortable on skin by blending with some other fibers. Lycra mohair is a fiber type which is blended with some other fibers to produce fabrics which move and stretch with the body.

Various commodities can be made using this fiber. It finds use in making furniture, auto upholstery, clothing, household furnishings, scarves, headwear, and footwear. Commodities made using mohair have a high demand globally.

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