Difference In Recreational Swimming In Pools Compared To The Ocean

By Mary Baker

Swimming regardless if it is recreational or competitive, it will always be good for you to build up the right kind of endurance, stamina and good cardiovascular condition. The truth is wither you choose to swim in the ocean or in the pool you will still be able to gain all these health benefits. However in swimming pools such as Oklahoma City swimming pools provides a safer environment for people who do not swim for sport.

A pool in comparison to the open sea is safer by nature, knowing the fact that is mostly for fun and recreational activities. Unlike the open sea, the swimming pool offers convenience when it talks about safety and management. There are also tools like life jackets and floaters to insure the safety of the children.

Pools have specific lengths and widths, and in instances when you are still training and you lose breath you can easily stop in the middle of your training and take a breather on the side. Unlike the open sea, that has unmeasured length and width, if you lose breath or in cases when you get crams, you would drown before you can get to back to the shoreline.

Even with the many precautions there are still cases of people drowning in the pool when misbehaving or caused by reckless actions. Some swimming related accidents happen due to muscle cramps that are result of not enough pre swimming exercise or stretching, which is fatal when swimming in the ocean having no ledge or edge to hold on to. On the other hand, the pool is much safer in terms of these kinds of incidents, knowing that you can slowly maneuver to the side of the pool.

However most of them encounter a different threat one associated with aquatic predators. In most instances predators such as sharks would avoid any kinds of encounter with a person, but like all animals with instincts, when they sense threat, they will defend themselves and attack.

The strong current in the ocean will not easily affect an athlete in swimming, since they have built up the right kind of endurance and stamina that separates them from those who have just recently learned to swim. However one factor that could affect these people is the wildlife, the local wildlife might see of you as a threat.

Wild life that could easily mistake your casual swimming to an intrusion in their aquatic territory, unlike in movies most of the time aquatic predator will avoid any encounter with any person. However, in instances when they think that you are actually bringing threat into their territory, like every other animal with instincts they will attack you.

When it comes to which is cleaner, swimming pools have stagnant water which is prone to hoarding different kinds of bacteria unlike the open sea which is bigger both length and width there is less tendency of catching any bacteria related disease.

Competitive swimmer might not be fazed by strong currents with their build up stamina they could withstand some harsh environmental condition. However as what was aforementioned the aquatic wildlife might pose as a threat to these athletes. Precautions if not given importance can be a lesson to keep or a lesson to learn. Because regrets are met by the end of the day, and mistakes are irreversible.

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