A Guide On Commercial Building Maintenance Philadelphia

By Carol Miller

The asset has been bought. Fine, it is an impressive piece of real estate out of which many businesses will realize their goals. That is not the end of it though. There is a lot to do. It is like having a baby. That baby will need to be nurtured and cared for until they can do it themselves and even then, one will still want to feed and clothe them. Commercial building maintenance Philadelphia is a lot like that. It is nurturing of real estate so that it does not break down and lose tenants.

Something as small as bulbs could change things significantly. Here is how. An energy saving bulb while more expensive consumes three quarters less energy than a regular one. That same bulb will run for ten times longer than the regular bulb. This will result in a lower electricity bill. Electricity is one of the major expenses and if that is cut down by 25% then imagine how positive the effect will be on the bottom line.

Another thing is to ensure regular inspection of the structure. Regular inspection will reveal situations that are threatening to go from just fine to bad before anyone knows it. This action involves checking on the generators and electrical circuits as well as structural elements. Also, prompt response to risk and issues is required. Most situations grow more expensive the longer they are left to escalate.

Using the same analogy of a guardian and a sick child, the caregiver can only diagnose issues accurately if they have prior experience doing the same. If they are experienced and can foresee the issues that could arise from the scratching, they can take the necessary steps to prevent. The person with the responsibility to care for the structure should be the same. They should be aptly qualified. They should be able to recognize situations that threaten to worsen. This person should also recognize the people-oriented quality of the position.

The duties to keep the structure cared for are multifaceted. They can be preventive. Keep things from falling apart. Restitch before the cardigan completely falls apart. Take care of the drop before it breaks into a stream. Another facet would be disaster management. This sounds a bit harsh. However, that is what it will feel like to the many businesses housed In the building when an issue gets in the way of operations. One should endeavor for the shortest response time possible then always strive to do better.

Then there is attention to the overall appearance. Aesthetic appeal is an important part of business structures. This appeal speaks to the reputation of the business housed in that structure. There is also overall functionality. The elevator should work. The doors should not creak. The automatic front doors should remain functional at all times. These issues could quickly turn a tenant into a foe. Regular testing must be done so that replacements and upgrades are anticipated.

A big chunk of these responsibilities requires that the person interacts with the tenants. They must ensure to be cordial and resourceful. They must understand the importance of being good to these tenants. They must maintain good relationships between management and tenants.

This person must be reliable and responsive. The owner surely has other things to think about than to answer a call about a mice infestation in the structure. The manager and owner should have peace of mind that all things are handled or will be before they worsen.

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