Why Go For A Ductless Unit When Upgrading Your Air Conditioning?

By Gary Wilson

Controlling your home's temperature is just but part of what it takes to maintain indoor comfort. But what if your current air conditioning Jackson TN is hurting more than it's helping? Well, this might not be what immediately comes to mind, but you will need a new unit sooner or later, and it's at this point that you'll be wondering if a ductless system would be a suitable replacement. As it turns out, there's actually a handful of benefits that are exclusive to this HVAC solution.

Are you looking to control energy consumption in your home? Why not start by upgrading your HVAC equipment? Designed with the ability to warm/cool specific parts of a building at particular times, ductless units can do a much better job at a fraction of the cost of normal air conditioners. So go ahead and make the investment; you'll be surprised to see the difference it will make on your utility bills.

At a whooping 60dB of sound output, traditional AC setups tend to be quite noisy. If you've had trouble sleeping whenever yours switches on, a ductless system might just be the perfect solution. The average unit will have much of the operation taking place outdoors where you won't have to it. The indoor module will also be designed to work quietly so you can enjoy a peaceful slumber every night.

As a whole, a ductless air conditioning system works perfectly for targeted heating and cooling. Because it's broken into zones, you can easily set individual temperatures for each room in your home to satisfy everyone's preferences. Try doing that with a standard HVAC unit.

Compared with standard systems, mini-splits offer more flexibility when it comes to interior design. A typical indoor unit will have a simple, sleek profile that should fit organically into your home's existing decor without taking up too much space. Although a pair of lines will be required to deliver electricity and remove condensate, this shouldn't keep you from placing the equipment exactly where you want it.

Do you know that you could have a mini-split installed in less than 12 hours? This is mostly because the process is void of the ductwork upon which traditional HVAC equipment rely. This means the installation won't involve opening up your walls or modifying them in any way. An experienced contractor might actually allow you to start using yours the very same day it's installed.

Unlike their standard counterparts, ductless ACs can be used throughout the year. This is all thanks to their reversible heat-transfer capabilities that allow them to stay functional both in the winter and in summer as well. Central ACs, on the other hand, must be used hand-in-hand with furnaces or heat pumps to do the same, which makes ductless devices a more cost-efficient option.

If you've decided to update your HVAC system, you want to ensure you're familiar with all the options out there. Still, ductless air conditioners present a handful of unique benefits compared to other varieties. To understand how a mini-split can create an enhanced sense of comfort in your home, just make an appointment with an established dealer or contractor.

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