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By Scott Taylor

A fountain refers to a piece of architecture that pours water or some other liquid such as wine into a basin. In some models, the water may also be jetted up into the air to supply water for drinking or to create a dramatic or decorative effect. Originally, fountains were purely functional, meant to supply water for drinking, washing, of bathing. They were operated by gravity, which means that the source was placed higher while the basin was placed lower. To know about water fountain features NC has to be visited.

There are features of fountains that make them efficient and exceptional. The basin is the first part as it is very clear and functional in the same proportion. The function of the basin is to hold water and it is also referred to as a reservoir. Water is not lost into the ground because basins are waterproof. The materials used in making them may be concrete, metal, or plastic.

Basins form the largest part of fountains. In disappearing fountains, basins are usually placed underground to be used as reservoirs. The size of basins usually varies with the size of the entire structure. In large fountains, basins can span several meters on the ground. The width must be large enough to ensure that liquid that jets up gets back to the basin, without splashing on surrounding surface.

Pumps are crucial parts of fountains. They serve as the heart of the structure since pump they pump the liquid into cascading rocks or the air. Most of the pumps are powered by electricity. The size of the structure determines whether the pump will be small or large. The desired effect may be achieved using small aquarium pumps in small fountains but dedicated pumps are required in large fountains.

The liquid used in the setup must be forced up the structure after which it then flows freely by gravity. Once pumped form the pump the liquid travels through tubing. Copper or PVC pipes are used in large fountains. The pipes must be large and strong enough to convey huge amounts of liquid under pressure. Short flexible vinyl tubing is used in smaller structures which convey liquid at low pressure.

The times when fountains used to serve a single purpose are long gone. Nowadays they are built for entertainment and decorative purposes among others. To make the aesthetic even more appealing some decorative elements are usually added. They are mostly colored to blend with nature. The aim of the constructor is ensure they appear as natural as possible and that is why different types of stones are used. A more natural touch is added by decorative plants grown on the sides.

How much liquid is lost from the structure through evaporation usually depends on the climate of the place it is installed. Hotter climates usually encourage faster and more evaporation. That means that the liquid has to be refilled as regularly as necessary.

Fountains normally involve splashing. Outdoor fountains are designed in a way that does not control splashing much while indoor ones are designed to minimize it. The splashing noise of outdoor fountains could often cause disturbance because it can be really loud in some cases.

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