Hot Spots & How Electromagnetic Therapy For Dogs May Help

By Robin Setser

Hot spots, for those that don't know, are irritated areas of the dog's skin. The irritation in question can form as a result of various elements, pest-related or otherwise, but the discomfort that they cause can't be denied. It can be treated, but it's important for pet owners to know what to do if this situation arises. Here are a few things that you should know about hot spots & the potential implementation of electromagnetic treatment for dogs.

According to companies along the lines of Assisi Animal Health, skin irritation is what you should watch out for. After all, this is what causes hot spots in the first place, and there are many elements that cause this level of irritation as well. For example, if your dog has an allergic reaction to a certain food or plant, a hot spot or two may develop on their skin. The same can be said if they're bitten by a tick, which can cause its own series of problems. Regardless, knowing how to keep irritants away is vital.

There is one risk factor that seems to determine the likelihood of hot spots: breed. To be more specific, longhaired breeds like Bernese Mountain Dogs and Yorkshire Terriers are at greater risk of developing hot spots because of their heavier coats. Therefore, they need to be groomed more than shorthaired breeds including Bulldogs and Great Danes. Understanding your dog's breed will help you prevent future hot spots.

After you have seen a hot spot, don't fear. You will be able to bring your pet to the veterinarian to see what they recommend. As far as treatment methods are concerned, PEMF treatment for dogs is among the most unique. With its use of electromagnetic waves, your dog will feel relief in no time, not to mention experience quickened healing. For concerned pet owners, this is a topic worth bringing to your vet's attention.

While the treatment method discussed earlier can work wonders, there are other practices that specialists recommend. One of the most common is the implementation of antibiotics, which can cleanse the body in a way that other treatment methods may not. To prevent future hot spots, make sure that you properly bathe and groom your dog. This will reduce the likelihood of further irritation, practically eliminating the risk of hot spots in the process.

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