Beautiful Siberian Kittens For Sale

By James Meyer

Siberian cats are the most amazing animals that will in many ways surprise you. Larger than other cats, and with totally different character, Siberians are extremely social, family oriented and really friendly to all other animals. Maybe it won't be so easy to find Siberian kittens for sale in your neighborhood, but they are most certainly worth of effort.

These cats are heavily built, with strong musculature but warm and gentle hearts. They can jump high, and they will use every opportunity to jump somewhere, to be able to watch the world from above. Their beautiful double coats are thicker during winter months, and lighter during summer, and it's not complicated to keep them tidy, a simple brushing will do..

Their eyes are round and the eye color is not related to the color of their hair. When it comes to their color, they come in a large variety of really interesting colors and patterns, including pointed. These are unusually slow maturing animals, and they need up to 5 years to become adults. Males are considerably larger than females.

If you already have other animals in your home, including dogs, you don't have to worry. Siberians make friends easily, and will gladly spend time playing with your other pets, even dogs. Well, their instincts may be a little bit different when it comes to small birds and other small pets, for example, hamsters, but this is something you should expect from any cat.

When it comes to an exact color of their coats, make sure to understand that it will change in time. Generally, darker nuances tend to become a little bit lighter, and the opposite thing happens with lighter nuances. Anyway, the breeder will inform you about this, as well as about all other things you should know before buying your new kitty.

Needless to say that you have to find a good breeder. There are so many irresponsible breeders out there, and you do need to be perfectly sure you are getting healthy and absolutely purebred animal. First, reputable breeder will make sure your new kitten is healthy, that he doesn't have any genetic diseases or predispositions for them.

Find out more about this breed before buying your kitty. Ask your breeder about the best food, as well as about the food this little thing should eat for the first few days in your home. You are allowed to change the type of the food, but gradually, to avoid stomach upset. In any case, you want to provide the best food for your new pet, and breeder's advice might be really helpful.

Prepare your family members and your home for this new kitty. Buy him appropriate food, bowls and toys, prepare a bed he will sleep and rest in, and a nice little ball for him to fetch. Siberians love to fetch balls, they often act like dogs, when it comes to playing. They also enjoy playing with children, and are especially nice to all visitors as well. Strange cats, but you will just adore them.

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