A Guide Through Virginia Beach Lawn Care For The Winter

By Ryan Murray

Any lawn care service provider that has been in business for a while will inform you that services ought to go round the year. While it is a fact that nothing much goes on during the winter, there is plenty that you could do to ensure that the heavy coat of snow would not suffocate your grass to death. The survival of the vegetation may highly depend on the steps you actively take during the warmer seasons. Here is a rundown through Virginia Beach lawn care practices that are best for winter.

There are very few things in life that can be half as heartbreaking as unveiling dead grass once the snow blanket melts away. This blanket may seem all white and beautiful, though it could make the grass below to suffocate and rot. It is hence in your best interests to take the required preventative measures before the snow begins to fall.

To begin with, you should get your turf mowed. This will lower its height and ensure the health of new growth. Keep in mind that it is the new seedlings that mainly survive through the cold. Ensuring that they can get adequate nutrition from the soil will see to it that they are not vulnerable to diseases and elements. Competent experts understand the importance of ensuring that mowing leaves the turf with sharp blades.

Another prime practice is to get rid of debris by raking it out. Be sure to also remove outdoor furniture and store it indoors. These measures will smoother your lawn and also ward off concern related to wet patches and the yard looking moldy.

Even if the cold season is peeping through the corner, you should not underestimate the importance of proper aeration. This can again prevent concerns such as thatching. It is normal for such a problem to escalate during winter and while you cannot entirely prevent thatching, you can ensure that part of the stress is taken off your grass.

Doing a fertilizer application just before the cold season is also important. This will see to it that your grass gets the healthy dose it needs just before the snow starts dropping. The nutrients and minerals from the manure will keep your plants alive even as they suffocate under the snow blanket and remain there for months without getting any sunlight. If you do a proper job, your turf will jump back to life weeks after spring kicks in.

Another strong tip is that you should discourage foot and vehicle traffic on the lawn. The grass is already having a hard time under the snow blanket and unnecessary traffic will only make things worse. You can choose to get assistance with clearing snow from the walkways and driveways. This should leave friends and family members will that clear notice that they should keep off the grass.

There are property owners who are able to do a superb job with their lawns without having to spend on professional assistance. Then again, there are those that will lack the skills, the time or the right equipment for the job. In case you have decided to seek help, make sure that you find a service provider who will make your every coin count.

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