Some Useful Information When Considering Egyptian Mau For Sale

By Brenda Bennett

Some of the oldest cats in existence today are the Egyptian Maus. Though there is no tangible proof yet, there are assumptions that they existed in the ancient Egypt. Many characteristics are still retained from their ancestors though they are domesticated for a long period of time. Many people prefer this type of kitten because of their characteristics. When in need of Egyptian Mau for Sale this is what one should know.

The Egyptian Mau cats have a spotted coat of which may have one color or several. The coats are usually of various colors such as silver, bronze and pale silver. They are also characterized to have large and gooseberry-green color and medium-sized ears or large while the head is wedge shaped. They are masculine cats with a great physical shape and appearance.

The hind legs of the kittens are longer than the front legs. They appear as if they are standing on their toes. They have a thick based and medium tail. In comparison to other domestic cats, the Mau kittens are the fastest. They are credited with the run of skin that is from the flank to the hind legs. During motion, the layer of the skin allows the cat to move malleably.

A medium-sized silky, fine textured coat is normally found on the portions of the body which are smoke colored. There is a dense and resilient texture on parts that have a bronze and silver color. The spots vary a lot in size and they may range from very big to very small. The spots are randomly placed. One of the distinctive features is that the tails end with dark tips.

Apart from the smoke, bronze and silver colored spots, there are some cats with blue silver, blue smoke, solid black, solid blue and blue spots. However these cats with the additional colors are not allowed to participate in cat shows. They are commonly found in homes as pets and they possess the traits of the Egyptian Mau

Proper care for this breed involves combing the coat weekly. When combing, one should aim at removing dead hair from the coat. Unless it is really necessary, bathing should be done only in extreme conditions. The cats are prone to periodontal disease and as such, the teeth should be brushed. Brushing the teeth daily is recommendable. Nails should also be trimmed occasionally.

Dirt from the eye can be removed when the eyes are wiped using a clean piece of cloth. When cleaning the animal, separate portions of the cloth used should be used for cleaning the eyes. This is a way of preventing spread infections on both eyes. A soft piece of cloth is supposed to be used when cleaning the ears of the cat and this should be done on weekly basis.

In the ear cleaning warm water is preferred for this work. There is also addition of cider vinegar to the warm water to make the cleaning effective. The use of cotton swabs in cleaning the ears is discouraged as it may damage them. Regular cleaning of the litter boxes used by the cats is also important in maintaining proper hygiene.

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