Smart Ideas To Incorporate Into Your Senior Living Interior Design Bay Area

By Shirley Nelson

If retirement is knocking on your door, you should begin thinking about renovations. Ensuring that your home is elderly-friendly is important as you age. Keep in mind that a few years down the line, your bones, sight and grip may not be as strong as they are right now. Whether you are handling the upgrades for yourself or you are looking after the best interests of your aging parents, there are a few principles of universal design that are best for the elderly. If you need senior living interior design Bay area has a dependable number of highly regarded professionals who could help you out.

The fact that you are in good mental and physical shape during retirement should not fool you. It is normal to experience some difficulties once you hop into the 70s. In case you have decided to plan ahead of time, the aspects of safety, comfort and quick access to different rooms in your house should be prioritized.

A good design will be easy on your hands. Your specialist is likely to recommend changing the doorknobs, switches and taps among other things. The idea is to ensure that you do not have to use force when opening doors or closing taps. The hands of seniors are weak and even tasks like hard-tapping the switch can be a challenge.

It also makes sense to renovate the floors and create slip resistant surfaces. Tips can also be dangerous therefore you want to get rid of rugs or use those that are nonskid. It is also important to reduce height variations on the floors to eliminate potential trip points. A proficient interior designer can provide appropriate guidance on how to go about revamping the floors.

From this point, you can now focus on the stairs. These are dangerous and most people can create all kinds of horrific scenarios in their minds. The safest way to revamp the stairways is by getting stairway lifts installed. They are elderly-friendly, and they would afford you some peace of mind when your parent is alone in the house.

The need to ensure that all areas are properly lit should not be underestimated. Any dark spots attract the dangers of falling or being unable to go about everyday errands. Any design that is ideal for seniors will ensure that both rooms and entryways are well lit. The switches also need to be easy to reach and use.

It is impossible to wrap up a project without touching the bathroom. This is another high risk area that needs maximum attention. Fortunately, a lot has changed and you can now get walk-in bathtubs. Such tubs come with a sitting area that makes showering both comfortable and safe. You may also have some grab bars installed to enhance safety.

The hunt for a reliable contractor will not be easy. It pays to find someone with extensive experience in handling senior living interior design projects. Before you choose to do business with any contractor, demand to see his or her portfolio of recent works.

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