4 Things You Should Know About Golden Retrievers

By Robin Setser

To say that there are numerous dog breeds would be an understatement, but some are more popular than others. Golden Retrievers stand out, not only because of their commonality in the United States but the charm they possess as well. In fact, it's partially due to the charm in question that families bring these canines into their homes. For a better understanding of Golden Retrievers in general, here are the 4 most important facts to be aware of.

One of the most unique characteristics about Golden Retrievers is that they aren't always "golden" by appearance. As a matter of fact, there are many dogs that fall under this breed with black or reddish fur. Their appearances change even more so when talking about certain regions, including Canada and the United States. These are just a few tidbits that the likes of Assisi Animal Health will be able to provide.

Golden Retrievers are quite big by nature, but this doesn't mean that they are lazy dogs. As a matter of fact, their energy levels are quite impressive, as they can run and play for hours at a time. Keep in mind that Golden Retrievers, at one time, were commonly used to help with hunting. This meant that they had to be physically strong. If you're concerned about endurance, know that your dog will be able to keep up with you during playtime.

For anyone that would like to adopt a Golden Retriever, regular grooming comes with the territory. Golden Retrievers are known for being heavy shedders, leaving traces of fur on a regular basis. Not only should you continually comb your dog's fur, but make routine appointments with your local dog groomer as well. Not only will your animal friend look their best, but they'll be healthier by proxy.

Finally, due to their friendly and calm temperaments, Golden Retrievers make for some of the best therapy animals. These types of animals are used to calm those that are stressed and assist those that would otherwise not be able to help themselves. Golden Retrievers are no different, as they can provide the guidance that people look for. In the eyes of many, this is what makes this particular breed stand out among others.

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