Cat from Tessenderlo {Belgium}

Hitler cat

Traveling cat spotted in Tessenderlo, Belgium.

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Cat from Ann Arbor {USA}

Santa Claus cat

Christmas is approaching and it's time to start reading some Christmas books. What about Santa Claws by Meg Mims, a cute story about a cat ruining his owner's Christmas? Want to read this book for free? Then all you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter below. Giveaway is open worldwide and ends December 16. Good luck and happy holidays!

Santa Claws by Meg Mims

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Mary Kate Branson will do anything for her brother, who is deployed overseas right after Thanksgiving - including taking in his mischievous cat, Lucifer. She juggles battling job woes at a bakery with dating a hot volunteer firefighter and all the preparations for Christmas ... but Lucifer has his own plans for a holiday bash.

This is what author Meg Mims has to say about Santa Claws:

"When my daughter was 8, we had a small poodle. She wanted a cat, but I am allergic to them. One Saturday, when we were having cable installed (around 1997 or so), my husband and I were outside talking to the installer when a black cat emerged from the garage door which was slightly open. My poodle wagged his tail and licked her, as if they were long-time friends, and the cat wound herself around my husband's legs - as if telling him, "love me, love me!" My daughter begged us, so I put food out for her since she wouldn't come inside. I even rescued her from the Humane Society when a neighbor took her there, since Toby must have wandered too far - and told the neighbor she was my daughter's new cat. Took her to get spayed but she'd already had that procedure done - the vet believed her to be a little over a year old. No idea where she came from, so she was our "outdoor" cat - until we found her with a nasty bite mark on her head. After a $200+ vet bill, we brought her inside every night but even in winter, she preferred being outside during the day... until she was much older. By the time 2007 rolled around, she was an "indoor" cat with a few trips out to explore on occasion. Unfortunately, last year Toby developed thyroid disease. This year, she became very ill - we had to let her go in a very peaceful way after the vet administered the shot while she lay in my arms. Because we lost Toby, I decided to dedicate Santa Claws to her memory and included several funny incidents we experienced with her," Meg Mims says. "I also included tricks/incidents of many friends' cats that add to the "chaos" Lucifer brings to Mary Kate's life in the book. She learns that cats are very different than dogs!" She was a sweet, affectionate cat. My allergies have ceased, but my daughter (who is in her 20s now) has a cat - Lucy, a very finicky one. I am also including her photo when we caught her in a funny pose."
Lucy laughingAnn Arbor cat

BIO -- Meg Mims I was born and raised in Michigan and love watching the four seasons. I live with my supportive husband and two dogs — a “make my day” Malti-poo and the Lhasa Apso rescue dog featured in Santa Paws. An Eastern greenhorn who writes western mysteries? Especially since horses do not love me, and the feeling is mutual — oh, I love to watch them or pet them or feed them carrots. But ride? I’ll take my car, thanks. I’ve written website articles about lighthouses and lighthouse keepers for Lake Effect Living as well. I have a short western story out in A Wolf Creek Christmas titled "A Savior Is Born" and my Christmas novellas SANTA CLAWS and SANTA PAWS have been on the Amazon Kindle Bestseller lists at various times. I’m also one-half of the D.E. Ireland team writing a cozy mystery series for St. Martin’s Press. The Deadly series will be debuting in 2014! WOULDN’T IT BE DEADLY features Eliza Doolittle and Professor Henry Higgins solving a murder mystery together. How fabulous is that? We think it is! So, to sum it all up, I write ‘blended genre fiction. Mystery with intrigue and a dash of romance, and vivid details in setting, characters, clothing, food whether in a historical or contemporary novel. I’m an avid reader myself, and enjoy books with such blends of various genres.


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Twitter: @megmims

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