Cat from Vancouver {Canada}

cat on the ferry to vancouver island

Traveling cat spotted on the ferry to Vancouver Island, Canada. The cat is called Baby and she always joins her owner on trips.
Submitted by: Rebecca R.
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Cat from Darwin {USA}

Drawin USA

Traveling cat spotted in Darwin, USA. Darwin has only 35 inhabitants. One of those inhabitants is a cat.

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Cat from Shephela {Israel}

cat cow friendship
cat cow friendship
cat cow friendship
cat cow friendship
cat cow friendship

Traveling cat spotted in Shephela, Israel. Ever since this little stray cat found its cow, he has visited her daily. Clearly they adore each other as they are often seen giving love and affection.
Source: Daily Mail

Previous unusual friendships: Cat from Lake Van, Turkey / Cat from Chiba, Japan
The kitty often walks into the farm as a dry kitty but walks away with dripping wet fur. Clearly they adore each other as they are often seen giving each other love and affection.
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News from the clinic

5 days of cat clinic done, 3 more days to go!

So far, we have done the sterilization (spay/neuter) operation for 135 cats. That is just amazing. Before the clinic started, I was secretly hoping we manage to operate maybe 100 cats. We passed that number already yesterday! Now I am hoping for 150 cats and that we will propably pass tomorrow!

We have had a great team of vet students from BARC helping out, they have been running around like carzy catching cats and bringing them to the clinic and returning them after the cats are sober enough to go back where they came from. And we have had amazing vets, Rini and Carmen, doing the operations, they have been working so hard and so long days, as have the two vet students, Veronika and Tereza, that have been assisting the vets at the operation room all week. BARC also sent us more medical supplies yesterday, as we were running out a bit, and the supplies came with an extra vet for a couple of days!

Mostly things have been running quite smoothly. After the first two days we realized we need a system to keep track on the cats: where they came from and so on, as we had so many cats. We started a numbering system: each cat is signed in a booklet and gets a number when it "checks in" and the number (written in a piece of a cardboard) will follow the cat all day, until the cat is taken back home or where ever it came from. Made things a lot easier, I can tell you.

Couple of orphan kittens have found homes through our clinic (one ended up coming home with me, naturally....) and JC, the poor cat with nail holes in his paws, got a good loving home from Lutwala Dive. He is getting all the care he needs there now, is being kept inside and gets good food and he does not have to worry about evil, crazy humans anymore. I am so, so happy for him now.

We had another heartbreaking story today. A kitten was found from the street and it was just crawling on his front paws, as his back legs were broken, or he was paralyzed. Either way, he was not able to walk, but was just dragging himself around with his front legs. Watching him do that in a basket and seeing the miserable look in his eyes, I totally lost it and I just had to leave the vets to do their thing. I had to go away, as I was crying my eyes out for the poor kitten. Unfortunately there was nothing to do for the kitten, he had to be euthanized.

It is sad, sad, SAD to see hurt animals, but lucky for all the cats that have gone through our clinic this week, they have been helped out. It will be an easier life for all of them: males don't have to fight about females and the females don't have to spend their whole life being pregnant or taking care of their kittens.

We will be at Blue Marlin two more days (friday-saturday) and then we will have one extra day at Lutwala Dive on sunday, with a small team (just one vet and 2 vet students) to serve the north end of the island too.

I will come and tell how the last 3 days go later, meanwhile, please follow our Facebook-page for updates and check the photos on our November 2013 Clinic -photoalbum (even if you are not in facebook, you can see the photos there!) as I  try to add some photos after each day is finished.

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Cat from Brighton {England}

man saves cat

Traveling cat spotted in Brighton, England.
Source: Eddie Mitchell
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Cat from Rome {Italy}


Traveling cat spotted on a column in Rome, Italy.
Submitted by: Janet Wellington, author of CATS OF ITALY/GATTI d'ITALIA, a photo essay featuring cats from Rome, Positano, Ravello, Matera and Ischia, as well as numerous cat quotes.

Cats Of Italy Gatti d'Italia

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Cats from Dubrovnik {Croatia}

Street cat of Dubrovnik Croatia
Street cat of Dubrovnik Croatia
Street cat of Dubrovnik Croatia
Street cat of Dubrovnik Croatia
Street cat of Dubrovnik Croatia

Traveling cats spotted in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Submitted by: Weird and Cool Stuff
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Clinic days at Trawangan

First two days of our cat clinic, done! It's been busy, it's been smelly, it's been funny and it's been sad. There's been vomit and poo and balls and ovaries, there's been cute kittens and mommycats and friendly nice cuddly cats and of course, angry male stray cats. We've had sick cats and healthy cats and everything in between.

We have even had walk-in patients: cats that came to the clinic by themselves! One meoowed behind the window of the operation room and jumped in when we opened the window and another one walked in to the recovery room by himself! Basket on, needle in and balls out, forevaah!

2 days and already 38 cats have been neuterd or spayed! Yesterday we were a bit delayed, as the team coming from Jakarta had a cancelled flight, but in the end we got all sorted out, everyone at the island and got going in the afternoon. Yesterday we did operation for 8 cats and a couple of more came for check-ups.

And today, as we were able to start already in the morning, I think we made a record: 30 cats got the operation! And on top of that, a dozen or so cats or kittens came for check-ups and for medication. We had a mommycat with 6 tiny kittens, and that is rare to see, you hardly ever meet a mommycat with more than 2 kittens. The litters sure are bigger when born, but a lot of kittens die before they even get the chance to open their eyes and look at the world where they were born to.

Poor Jesus, with holes in his paws
Today we also got a handsome big ginger male cat, and as we checked him, we noticed he had holes through each of his paws. Obviously, he had been nailed somewhere on his paws. These kind of things just break my heart, for the cat, but it also makes me ashamed to be a human, it's just embarrassing to share the same genes with anyone capable of something this horrible. We now hope that this poor cat with crusifixion holes in his paws will get a good, loving home, as he - if anyone - sure needs a home that can give him the care and love and safety he needs. More news on our ginger Jesus later, good news, I hope.

Clinics continue tomorrow, we start at 9am, Blue Marlin Dive Center. Horse clinics are also ongoing now, starting at 9am at the art market.

Here are some photos. More will follow in a couple of days.

These paws are made for walking. But someone nailed this poor cat through his paws somewhere :(

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Cat from San Ildefonso {Philippines}

Typhoon Nari in San Ildefonso

Traveling cat stranded on the rooftop of a home in San Ildefonso after Typhoon Nari flooded the neighborhood in Bulacan province, Philippines.
Source: Bullit Marquez
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Cat from Dumaguete City {Philippines}

Dumaguete Public Market

Traveling cat spotted outside a vendor's stall at the Dumaguete Public Market in Dumaguete City, Philippines.
Source: Mark Bermas
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Working together for a good cause!

Our animal clinics start tomorrow! Hopefully we will get lots of cats and horses to the clinics! I will try to put updates on how it's going at some point next week, so keep on following this blog and our FB-page too!

BARC, an animal welfare organization from Bali, are also joining us. They are sending a team of 8 vet students and are coming with  medicines etc. It is great to get together to work for a good cause. See the picture and message from BARC under it (copied from their FB-page).

MEDICAL SUPPLIES NEEDED to replenish our stock and be ready for the January 2014 Gili-T Clinic.

BARC are proud to support Gili Carriage Horse Support Network, Gili Eco Trust, JAAN (Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) and Cats of Gili this coming week and assisting in the operation of FREE animal clinics at Gili Trawangan for the cats and horses.

With 8 BARC Vet Volunteers we are packing our supplies and heading to the island for 6 days of Cat sterilization / treatment and helping the Horse Clinic in treatment, shoe fitting and MUCH needed Education!

BARC - PO Box 1179, Hillarys 6923 WA

Revolution cat
Cat Pro fender spot on
Cat wormer
Kitten milk
Feeding bottles
Flea shampoo cats
Flea powder cats
Spring loaded Cat traps

Antibiotics - vet letter oral and injectable
Anti inflam oral and injectable
Horse wormer
Suture sets 2-0 and 3-0
Saddle blankets
Insect repellent for animals
Vet wrap
Farm animal wound ointment
Hospital instruments

It is no island paradise for the SLAVE HORSES horses. It's hell on earth.

FACT: These wild horses are captured on neighbouring Indonesian islands with pit traps until they are so tired and succumb to the handlers.

FACT: They are shipped and sold to the Gilis and worked to extreme lengths, fed little food, with basic shelters and only being provided SALT WATER which is killing them.

FACT: Usually with a lifespan of 25-30 years, the life of a Gili Horse rarely passes 2 years.

FACT: Tourists are perpetuating the torture of these animals. Stop using the horses and you stop the cycle of animal abuse.

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Cat from Peterborough {Canada}

Cat of Peterborough Ontario Canada

Traveling cat spotted in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
Submitted by: 40 And Loving It
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Cat from Zurich {Switzerland}

mountains of Zurich

Traveling cat spotted in the mountains of Zurich, Switzerland.
Source: Juan Flauta


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Cats from Istanbul {Turkey}

street cat from istanbul turkey
cat of istanbul
cat of istanbul turkey
cat sleeping on bench
cat of istanbul turkey
cats of istanbul
cat of istanbul
stray kittens of istanbul
cat by the water
ginger stray kittens
hiding cat
stray kitten istanbul
stray cat of istanbul turkey
stray cat of istanbul
drinking cat
cat climbing wall
black cat drinking from puddle
cat sleeping on car
cat of istanbul turkey
cats of istanbul turkey
cats from istanbul
tunnel station cat istanbul
cat in istanbul
cat of istanbul
cats of istanbul

Traveling cats spotted in Istanbul, Turkey. Swarms of cats follow you wherever you go in Istanbul. Thisis because cats are very much respected in this predominantly Muslim society. Islamic lore tells of a cat thwarting a poisonous snake that had approached the Prophet Muhammad. In another tale, the prophet found his cat sleeping on the edge of his vest. Instead of shifting the cat, the prophet cut off the portion of the vest that was free and wore it without disturbing the pet.
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