Cat from Santa Eulària {Ibiza}

Santa Eulària Ibiza

Traveling cat spotted in Santa Eulària des Riu, Ibiza.

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Cat from Cala Llenya {Ibiza}

Cala Llenya
Mar Azul Cala Llenya

Traveling cat spotted this morning at the beachside café Mar Azul in Cala Llenya, Ibiza.

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Cat from Venice {Italy}

Alta Acqua Libreria Venice

Traveling cat spotted in the Alta Acqua Libreria in Venice, Italy.
Source: Aubrey Dunnuck
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Cat from Rio de Janeiro {Brazil}

Fallet Slum

Traveling cat spotted at the Fallet Slum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Source: Hungeree

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World Animal Day charity event

We are organizing a charity event for cats next week!

Friday the 4th of October is the international World Animal Day, so what a perfect day for this! The event is at Trawangan Dive Center's beach restaurant, starting at 7pm.

There will be special drinks and good food, live music, games and raffle, and who knows what! Hopefully we will be able to get donations and just get the word out even more about what we are doing. And let's just have a good, fun night at the beach, all for a good cause!

Please spread the word about this (there is a Facebook-event you can share)! If you are in Gili, come to the event yourself and bring your friends too!

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Dimmu rules!

I am sorry, my kitten Dimmu is just so adorable and such a great personality that I just want to share a bunch of photos of her again!

She had a huge shock when the other night I brought in another kitten I found, a ginger loud hungry one. Dimmu had all her fur standing up, her eyes almost exploded and the look on her face just said WHAT IS THAT? AND WHY? IT'S EATING MY FOOD! OMG!

Take a look.

This is when the new kitten was brought in. Dimmu is not happy!


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Cat from Tel Aviv {Israel}

 Tel Aviv Israel cat

Traveling cat spotted in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Bad, bad cat flu

Here's a touching scene. Rags, a cat from Lutwala Dive, came to Eden Cottages to say goodbye to his friend Jack, another victim of cat flu. Rags spent a good while by Jack's grave, rubbing himself against Jack's collar that is around the stone there.

I'm sure cats sense things like these. A while ago, when one of my cats died and I buried her behind my house, one wild cat from the neighbourhood spent 2 or 3 days sleeping beside the grave. Normally he never sleeps there.

This cat flu is driving me crazy. There has been so many deaths now and I hear about sick cats every day. And this is an agressive type of flu now. It kills cats in just hours from the first time you even realize something is wrong.

The cats get a bit of snotty nose, lose all their energy, stop eating and drinking. They just lie down and next thing you know, they die. Antibiotics help sometimes, but not always.

I know there is no real treatment for cat flu, but anticiotics can be used to treat bacterial infections the flu brings along. Sometimes it works and the cats recover just fine.

But way too often now, we lose the cats, no matter how much we try to help.

There is vaccination against cat flu, but as far as I know, it doesn't really have an effect until majority (70-80% or so) of the feline population around is vaccinated. Needless to say, that is not the case here. I still gave it a try, and had some of my own cats vaccinated, but they still got the flu after that.

Are you a vet? Or do you know a vet? I'd appreciate any information you could give about what to do.

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Cat from Paris {France}

Cimetière des chiens Paris

Traveling cat spotted on the dog cemetery Cimetière des chiens in Paris, France.
Source: Jaunted
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Cats from Ghent {Belgium}

Cat from Ghent
Cat from Ghent Belgium

Traveling cats spotted in Ghent, Belgium.

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Here's 24 Cute Funny Excited Cats Having Fun and Going Crazy - Purrfect Cat & Kitten Reaction Gifs

If you're going to venture out into that great big world known as "the internet," not only will you want to wear some flea and tick medication, but you will also need to react to what you have just read, seen, or witnessed.  Whether it's a blog post, a youtube video, or a comment thread, you NEED to have cat reaction GIFs handy for your engaging replies and clever retorts.

Having cute, funny, and excited cats in a collection of GIFs is any must-have for the web wanderer.
Here's 24 GIFs of cats excited and felines having fun and going crazy.

Are you ready?

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