Cat from Kiev {Ukraine}

Cat from Kiev Ukraine

Traveling cat spotted in Kiev, Ukraine.

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Meet Magic!

It's not just sorrow and misery with the cats on our tiny tropical island. There are success stories too. Here's one!

Meet Magic, the miracle kitten!

He was the tiniest little thing  a while ago when he was run over by a horse cart, a cidomo. Luckily for Magic, this happened right in front of Lutwala Dive, a dive shop that has soft spot for cats (one more reason why I took a liking on everyone at Lutwala!) People at Lutwala heard a cat scream, ran to see what happened and found a hurt kitten.

He did not look good at all. The kitten was not able to walk, kept falling when he tried. He kept his other front paw in a weird way, had a little bit of bleeding from bum and was just a miserable little thing. But they kept him safe and warm and well fed at Lutwala, keeping an eye on him all the time. Couple of days later he started to look a little better. We had a vet visiting the island, and he checked Magic and said nothing is broken and that he may very well survive. However, the next day Magic started having seizures and we were all pretty sure he will not live to see the next day.

But the next day, Magic was much better. A bit more resting, and  Magic started to behave like kittens should behave: playing with other cats at Lutwala, climbing trees, sleeping, eating and being the cutest little thing. Jumping on your lap, looking at you with big kitten eyes and purring at everyone. He loves sleeping on top of my laptop-bag whenever I go to Lutwala to borrow their internet connection. He's so cute!

They named the kitten Magic, and what a perfect name! Surving a crash with a fast going cidomo... it's pure magic if you ask me!

Magic taking a nap with Trimix. Trimix is another success story! He was found as a tiny miserable kitten by the road last November, face was covered in dried blood and he looked like an alien. He's a handsome big boy now and lives happily at Lutwala Dive.

Oh yeah, the laptop bag is here! A place for Magic to sleep!

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Greetings from Kota Kinabalu!

Cat with tiny eyes at the KK food market

I had to fly out of Indonesia to sort out my visas, so here I am, in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

As I arrived here on tuesday evening I got bad news from home: another kitten of mine had died. Spederik, Eini's orange brother, had followed his sister. Same thing happened as with Eini: Spederik got very tired, stopped eating and drinking and died. My friends were looking after him, so I know he got good care, but I still felt miserable - and guilty - that I was not there with him in the end. Been crying a lot and been worrying about the rest of my cats, who are all doing good, my firends have told, but still... I just want to get back and be with my posse of cats.

Luckily, tonight I fly back to Bali and first thing monday morning I take a speedboat back to Gili. Cannot wait to get back home!

But back to Kota Kinabalu. This is a nice small city. I have been here before, have done all the sightseeing tours around the natural parks etc, so this time I concentrated on being lazy and shopping things I really needed. Took long walks, hang around in cafes, went back to my hotel to take a nap if I felt like it.

There are cats here too! You see them everywhere if you have a radar for cats as I do. Around the food market by the sea there are plenty and around some of the restaurants. All look fine and have been friendly. Locals have been smiling at me when I have been taking photos and talking to the cats I've seen. Some of the local cats have the weird tails, too!

I also noticed there is a animal rescue organization, SPCA Kota Kinabalu,  around here. I saw a donation box at the counter of a chinese restaurant where I go every morning to have breakfast, so I looked it up from internet to check if I can go and visit. Unfortunately visiting and volunteering is only on the weekends, so now I just donated some money and liked their FB-page, but maybe next time I can spend a day helping out.

It's been nice to visit here, but I am so happy to get back to Gili!

PS. Our paypal-donate-button still does not work like it should. I am losing my mind with PayPal, as I have not received anyt useful advice. And I have told them that! What they did then: sent me a questionare asking "Are you happy with our service?". HELL NO! And told them why (for example: helping me with my actual question would be a step to the right direction, instead of emailing me bullshit about issues I have not reported....) If there's anyone out there that can help, I'd appreciate it a lot... Meanwhile, if you do want to help out by donating, please contact me directly! Email me at susanna.catsofgili (at) gmail dot com or use the contact form on the right (---> )

This cat was well fed at a local restaurant. And the man looks well fed too!

The boy with a cat was waiting for his friend to drive them to see a vet, as the cat had skin problems.

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Cat from Tioman Island {Malaysia}

Cat from Tioman Island

Traveling cat spotted on Tioman Island, Malaysia. 
Submitted by: Compass and Camera
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Cats from Stone Town {Zanzibar}

Cats from Stone Town Zanzibar

Traveling cats spotted in Stone Town, Zanzibar.
Source: Geraldine Monahan.
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Cat from Tagliacozzo {Italy}

Tagliacozzo cat

Traveling cat spotted in Tagliacozzo, Italy.
Source: Encore! Life
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Problems with the PayPal-donation button, it seems to work when it wants, but most of the time not.

Be patient. I have sent a question about it to the PayPal technical support, hope they help.

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Cat from Minsk {Belarus}

Minsk Belarus cat

Traveling cat spotted in Minsk, Belarus.
Source: Sergei Grits
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Cats from Manila {Philippines}

Manila cats

Traveling cats spotted in Manila, Philippines.
Source: Hungeree
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Cat from Block Island {USA}

Blue Dory Inn Block Island
Blue Dory Inn

Traveling cat spotted in front of The Blue Dory Inn on Block Island, RI.
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Cat from Northampton {England}

Cat from Northampton

Traveling cat spotted in Northampton, England.
Submitted by: My Three Moggies
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Cat from Hanoi {Vietnam}

Hanoi Vietnam cat

Traveling cat spotted in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Source: EPA
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Cat from Bagnoregio {Italy}

Bagnoregio cat

Traveling cat spotted in Bagnoregio, Italy.
Source: Encore! Life
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A week of death and sorrow

Life is not always just sunshine and happiness, even when living in a tropical island.

I've had a horrible, HORRIBLE, week.

Marli just a while ago, before he got sick
First there was my Marli, who was a scared little kitten when I saw him the first time at Coral Beach 2. He soon decided it really pays off not to run away, but to purr and look cute, as it gives you loads of food! Marli became my cat, not by my choice, but by his. The friendliest cat, still a young and handsome boy. The boys at the Coral Beach 2 bar gave him the name, Bob Marley, as Marli was a kitten of a reggae bar. Good Marli! And he was fine just last week, then got sick on wednesday, got better when the vet cvisited on thursday, was looking good on friday, but on saturday morning had trouble breathing. I rushed to Lombok to see the vet with Marli, and as we got to the vet, before the vet was even able to look at him, Marli stopped breathing and died. We buried him at the vet's garden. I was crying like a waterfall, and some local people were trying to comfort me.

Eini on my bed, the first day she came to live with me, just about 2 weeks ago
Eini yesterday morning. She was already a bit tired and "slow" but I had no idea it was anything so serious
And now there was Eini, the littele female kitten who I found by the dirt road with his orange brother just 2 weeks ago. She started to act a bit weird a couple of days ago, not like a kitten at all. Not playing, just sleeping all day, but still eating well and all, there were no signs of flu or anything, so I didn't think too much of it. Yesterday she stopped eating, started vomiting. I gave water with a syringe, which she quite happily drank, even went to the water bowl by herself a couple of times. I gave vitamins and antibiotics. But she was not looking well, so in the afternoon I took her inside, to keep her safe and comfortable. In the evening she fell asleep in my bed. This morning I woke up really early, sun was not even up yet.  I think I sensed something was wrong, as she was not sleeping right next to me like she has been doing since she moved to my house. I found her in a laundry basket that I keep in my room for cats to sleep in. She was not able to stand up, had vomited, was obviously very dehydrated and she was just like a ragdoll when I picked her up, not able to hold her head up. I gave her fluids through the skin in the neck (a drop bottle of fluids I have just for cases like these) and antibiotics as well. She was way too weak to even consider taking her to Lombok to a vet, and since I already had antibiotics and fluids to give, there was nothing else that could be done. I just made her comfortable, keeping an eye on her and hoping for a miracle.

But it did not look good. I have seen dying cats way too many times now, and I can pretty much see when the cat has  given up. Eini was there already. I just sat beside her, petted her gently, told her to let go if it feels too bad to hang on, thanked her for the brief visit she had in my life. I just knew this was time for goodbyes. There was nothing more I could do, but just wait. And cry.

At 10am this morning Eini took her last breath, quietly and peacefully, and died. After holding her for a while and crying my eyes out, I put her in a bag and buried her behind my house.

I have buried two of my cats within the last 6 days.

Right now I feel like I cannot take this anymore. I want to crawl into my closet and nail the doors shut and stay there, safely away from the universe that keeps on killing my cats.

A local man built a grave for Marli

End of a kitten's life

Eini rests here, under a tree, next to a fence, behind my house

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Cats from Jerash {Jordan}

Jerash Jordan cats

Traveling cats spotted in Jerash, Jordan.
Source: Jaunted
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Seek and Destroy

Mommycat, Seek and Destroy

So here's the story about Seek and Destroy!

About three and half months ago, at the end of April, I was just relaxing by the pool at Coral Beach 2, where I was living at the time. Reading a book, thinking about nothing, another day in paradise. Then the guys from reception came running to me and it took a while before I understood what the hell was going on. "Cat having babies! Cat having babies!" was the message.

There had been this female cat hanging around, I didn't know where it came from but it just came and decided to stay. A friendly cat, whose previous two babies were already quite big (they are now called Adam Lambert and Jack. Adam is still with me, but Jack got a new home from Eden Cottages and is everyone's favourite cat there). Sure, I had noticed the female was pretty heavily pregnant again but I didn't realize the day was this close. And that the cat decides to crawl to the Coral Beach 2 reception, to the linen closet and have the babies there! What a wise cat she is!

The miracle of birth
So there I ran, to the reception, following the local boys and yes indeed, miracle of birth going on, right there! One kitten was already born, another one half way through. I had never seen this before, so didn't know what to do. I figured the Mommycat knows her business, for sure, she's done this before. So I just hang around, helped to keep the kitten out of the way while Mommycat was changing positions, almost sitting on the kitten already born, but still hanging from mommy by these... well, things. Seemes kittens come in packets of two, and after that comes the afterbirth, which mommycats eat. Lots of things coming out, I can tell you, not just the kittens! So, 2 kittens were born, after which Mommycat was calm for a while, cleaning up the firstborns. I thought maybe this was it, just two babies. But pretty soon Mommycat became restless again, and gave birth to another two.

Naturally, the cat family was not able to stay at the reception closet, and - naturally - I couldn't just chase them out and say, well done, Mommycat, and good luck. An empty Bintang box was found, I packed Mommycat and the 4 newborn kittens to the box and what else was I supposed to do: I took them to my bungalow. At least they will be safe, I can take care that Mommycat gets food while she takes care that the kittens are fed.

The fab four. Unfortunately not all of them made it.

The problem was I was supposed to leave the island in a couple of days. My visa was running out, I had plans to go to Malaysia for a couple of weeks and so on. I didn't know what to do. Surely I cannot throw the cat family out, and even if I found a good place for them, knowing myself, I would not enjoy myself at all if I left, I would worry about the kittens all the time. So the decision was easy: I can manage without Malaysia, but the cat family needs me. Luckily I had a friend visiting at this time, and she promised to take care of the cat family while I quickly fly to Singapore and back, for visa reasons.

I was gone for three days. While I was gone, one kitten had died. When I got back, the next day another kitten died. It just stopped eating and moving, and finally took his last breath on my hand. I cried, of course I did. We buried it behind my bungalow. I know sometimes kittens just do not make it, and nature makes it's selection. Still, it's the saddest thing to see, a tiny little life ending and there is nothing you can do.

Outside for the first time, what is this sunshine, what is going oooooon?

So now there was two. They were strong ones, even though the other one was the last to be born and the tiniest of them all, a little girl, she seemed to have the strength of a lion! She opened her eyes before the other one, was the first to start walking, as well as climbing out of the basket where they were living, was the first one to go taste what kind of food mommy is eating and the first one to go outside. The other one is a boy and always waiting for his sister to check out new and scary things first, before following to a new adventure. When he was about 3 weeks old, his belly button got infected. It got swollen to the size of a golf ball and disgusting yellow pus started leaking out. I was cleaning it all the time, but it just did not get better. Luckily we had the vet coming over for other cats, and while the vet was here he cleaned the kitten's belly button properly and gave mommycat a shot of long lasting antibiotics, so that the kittens got antibiotics through breastfeeding.

Little by little the kittens started to look around. First inside my bungalow, then step by step to the terrace, and finally out to the world.

Climbing trees

They got names: Seek and Destroy. Seek is the girl and Destroy is the boy. Destroy lets Seek to find things first and then follows if it looks interesting enough. And they did make a mess: total destruction everywhere, I needed to keep all my things behind closed doors and in bags, otherwise everything got dropped, clawed, chewed or just thrown around. Well, what else are kittens supposed to do? They sleep, they eat, they go to the toilet and then they play. And by playing I mean making a mess!

We have now moved to a new house, about 3 weeks ago, and Seek and Destroy enjoy the new neighbourhood a lot. They have grown up so much, I cannot believe just a while ago they were so tiny and helpless!

They are now about 3,5 months old and spend all their days outside, climbing trees and just running around. Mommycat is still breastfeeding a bit and is such a great mom in every way. It has been so touching to follow Seek and Destroy since birth, see how they grow up, how they start looking around and what kind of personalities they develop. And Mommycat is there, all the way through, following their every step and making sure no danger comes to her babies and calling to Seek and Destroy with a demanding meoooow if the babies try to run too far.

Needless to say, I am gonna keep Seek and Destroy, as well as their Mommycat. So I haven't even been looking homes for them. How could I give them up, as they were basically born in my hands and I have seen them grow from tiny little mousesized aliens to big and brave cats?

They are big cats already and mostly healthy, and I wish they stay that way. Seek has got a bit of skin problems, but it's getting much better now. And as I told before, Seek (of course it was Seek!) also got in trouble with a fly paper and things like that, but that is the price to pay for being a bit too curious.

Check the following collection of pictures!

First two babies were just born and they are already hungry!

Another one coming!

Mommycat did a great job, but oh was she tired afterwards!

Babies eating

Another feeding time

Then there was three

And then only two. Seek and Destroy!

Seek was the first to decide living is this stupid laundry basket totally sucks.

Cute overload!
Wonders of the outside world

Taking a nap is also a kitten's job

Kitty ying and yang
The whole family in a tree. Notice Mommycat's relaxed style...

My name is Seek!

Seek is already a big girl
Mommycat is not to keen on breastfeeding anymore, but every now and then she still lets Seeks and Destroy feed a bit

Seek, Mommycat and Seek's big brother Adam Lambert. Adam is from Mommycat's previous litter of kittens. Seek and Destroy are Mommycat's last babies, she will have no more, I got her sterilized in June.

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